Endurance Races

...aka shenanigans!

Once a month we host some type of endurance race or shenanigans race to benefit a charity, give away special prizes, or to crown the best of the best. Check out the schedule below and email Greg@bluegrasskarting.com for exact dates and more info. Pre-registration and payment is required for all events.


IceMan 100s…baby powder looks like snow and slides like snow, we sprinkle some on the track for some drifting fun! Minimum 10-race experience.


Ball n’ Chain 50s… we take teams of two drivers and each driver gets their own kart, then we connect the two karts using a 4' plastic chain, then the two karts race 50 laps connected! If chain breaks, you must pull into the pits to get reconnected!


Bracket Tournament Racing…what better way to get into the spirit of the NCAA Tournament than having our own tournament bracket? This is a double-elimination tournament running 10-lap heats of 4 karts with the top 2 drivers advancing. Each 10-lap heat will feature the slowest driver starting on the pole and the fastest driver on the outside of the second row. Top 2 drivers advance in the Winner's bracket; bottom 2 drivers go to the Loser's bracket.


Fools Reverse 100...with baby powder! We turn it into a slick track just twice a year! Minimum 20-race experience.


500-lap Team Endurance Race from 10pm-2am. Teams must have a minimum of 3 team members and a maximum of 5.


Bluegrass 100's featuring LeMans style start with 4 pit stops per person and random cautions for "debris on the track"...straight up NASCAR style!


Kosair Charities Race-A-Thon. Juniors ages 7-15, Adults 16+, and Corporate Teams race varying lengths of Endurance Races and raise money based on number of laps completed! Drivers can race for FREE, but must raise a minimum amount to race.


2.4-hour Partner Enduro. Each partner must race 1-hour +/- 10 minutes. Up to 12-teams will race and we will have 3-weight divisions compete within the same race. We will take each pair's average weight prior to the race, the 4 lightest teams will be Group A, the next 4 lightest will be Group B, and the 4 heaviest teams will be Group C. All three Groups will race simultaneously, but each team will only be competing against teams in their Group.


Double-elimination tournament with bracket racing rules...you don't have to be the fastest, just consistent! Everyone will race an 8-minute race to "dial-in" their lap time. This simply means you try to put down your fastest lap possible. Whatever your best lap time is from this race will be the time you try to get closest to without going under the rest of the tournament. We then randomly create the tournament brackets and have 5-minute head-to-head races where drivers try to get as close to their dial-in time without going under. Whoever is closest to their dial-in time wins and moves on!


TWINs 50s in honor of breast cancer awareness month (proceeds benefit various cancer organizations). The first 50-lapper is just “normal racing”. Now for the kicker...the second 50-lap race must be completed by a "female", but you have a couple options for "female": 1) you can bring a female friend to race; 2) you can purchase a Bluegrass Karting female employee (limited availability...added cost unknown); or 3) you can purchase an awful looking dress from Bluegrass Karting and race the 2nd half yourself dressed as a female!


Turkey 100s, our most popular competition of the year, runs the night before Thanksgiving and starts @ 7pm sharp! Winners receive a Butterball turkey or honey ham!


Junior IronMan races for youth ages 7-17. We run three divisions of IronMan 75-lap races: Pro Division (Pro Karts), Intermediate Division (Pro Karts), and Rookie Division (Rookie Karts). Each participant will run a 5-minute Qualifier and 75-lap Final.