Need a Fundraiser?

Come to us!


Similar to a walk-a-thon, participants are asked to raise money individually by collecting sponsorship dollars from friends, family, and co-workers. Get flat sponsorship dollars, or get per-lap sponsorships to challenge participants to complete the most laps possible. In return for their effort, participants get to race in a 20-minute Endurance Race! The host rents our facility on an hourly basis and collects the participant sponsorship dollars, resulting in a surplus for the host’s cause.

50 participants raising $100 each: $5,000 raised
2-hour facility rental at $500 per hour (Monday-Thursday only): $1000 cost
Total Raised: $4,000

This format is best to raise the largest amount of money, but does require additional effort on the part of the participants.

Proceed Split

Just invite a ton of people to come out to have a blast racing, and we split the proceeds. Participants will compete in a standard 8-minute race for $20, then $10 goes to the host.

50 participants paying $20 each: $1,000 raised
50% Split (Monday-Thursday only): $500 cost
Total Raised: $500

This format is best if you have a lot of participants with minimal investment.