1. The more activities you buy, the more you save! See ACTIVITIES pricing below. For each activity you purchase, select from our list of Experiences. For example, for $20 you can select a 60-minute axe throwing session, 3 sim races, or a 20-minute rage session. Then for just $18, choose another experience, and so on. 

2. Reservations are strongly encouraged for the best experience, but we do allow walk-ins. Reserve a time that allows you to arrive about 30 minutes early. This provides time to check in and order food & beverages prior to your reservation time. Sessions start at time of reservation, so please arrive early to ensure you receive your full playing time.

3. A single lane can accommodate up to 4 throwers. The first 5-minutes are used for a Safety Briefing and the last 5-minutes are used to clean up the carnage, with Coaching in between as needed or requested.

4. Ages 12+ throw steel-bladed hatchets at wood planks with a wide variety of digitally-projected targets and games for you to choose from, while keeping track of scoring with the click of a button.