1. The more activities you buy, the more you save! See ACTIVITIES pricing below. For each activity you purchase, select from our list of Experiences. For example, for $20 you can select THREE 6-minute sim races, a 60-minute axe throwing session, or a 20-minute rage session. Then for just $18, choose another experience, and so on. 

2. Reservations are strongly encouraged for the best experience, but we do allow walk-ins. Reserve a time that allows you to arrive about 30 minutes early. This provides time to check in and order food & beverages prior to your reservation time. Sessions start at time of reservation, so please arrive early to ensure you receive your full playing time.

3. While there is no age requirement, drivers must be at least 55" tall to safely operate the sim. Drivers must complete an introductory Driver Briefing to learn about sim difficulty settings and operation.

4. We offer 6 total sims. Standard heats are 6-minutes long, and we average about 6 heats per hour. Because all 6 sims are connected and must run the same car & track, car & track requests will rotate when multiple groups are racing.