Rage Rooms are the newest adrenaline-junkie concept sweeping the nation! You don't need to be angry to have a blast, so grab some friends and come smash stuff! We feature one rage room that holds 4 smashers at a time.


1. The more activities you buy, the more you save! See ACTIVITIES pricing below. For each activity you purchase, select from our list of Experiences. For example, for $20 you can select a 60-minute axe throwing session, 3 sim races, or a 20-minute rage session. Then for just $18, choose another experience. 

2. Reservations are strongly encouraged for the best experience, but we do allow walk-ins. Reserve a time that allows you to arrive about 30 minutes early. This provides time to check in and order food & beverages prior to your reservation time. Sessions start at time of reservation, so please arrive early to ensure you receive your full playing time.

3. You must be 16 or older to participate. Guests aged 16-17 must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 21+ in the room and participating in the activity. ZERO alcohol consumption permitted prior to smashing! A single rage room session can accommodate up to 4 smashers.

4. We provide safety equipment - coveralls, hard hat, eye protection, boots, and gloves. The first 5-minutes are used for a Safety Briefing and the last 5-minutes are used to clean up the carnage, with Coaching in between as needed.

5. Rage Room session includes one Glass Package per person. Your actual smash time depends largely on what additional smashables you purchase in the next step, including TVs, Electronics (Printers, PCs, Laptops, etc.) and additional Glass Packages.